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Welcome to foundoo


foundoo is an open marketplace where you can teach and learn virtually anything through live classes and courses.

Imagine a network of like-minded people coming together to teach and learn what they are passionate about. By breaking down the barrier of having to be physically present to teach and learn, we can increase access and opportunity in online education. 

Why foundoo


Freedom to teach, learn, or do both.

foundoo offers you the ability to teach what you love while also learning new things. Sign up for free and take a quick assessment of your learning interests and teaching experiences paired with the completion of your profile.

Opportunity awaits.

Earn additional income as a teacher while sharing the skills and knowledge you have perfected. Learn from those who are deeply passionate about their craft as a student. 


Achieve real engagement.

Engagement completes the learning and teaching experience. Ask questions. Get real-time feedback. Gain unique insights and new approaches. 

What They Are Saying

“I didn’t know what to expect going into the first class through Foundoo! However, I knew after the first of four classes that it was exceeding my expectations. It was easy to log on and the interaction between the instructor and other class members made me feel as though I were sitting in a regular brick and mortar class!”

- Hillory B, Student

"Wow!  What a great experience that I had with Foundoo!  The live presentation format is an important one for the most optimal educational experience for everyone.  Great caliber of students and fun to work with.  This is now my platform of choice."

- Stephen B, Teacher


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